MSnet providing Cybersecurity services to UK Businesses

Our services are packaged to remove the complications surrounding IT and Cybersecurity and provide easy to understand solutions for your business. The services are packaged under 3 offerings, providing businesses of all sizes the support they need.

MSnets range of Self Services are designed for clients who want to setup & control their services directly. 

Ideal for clients with technical know how.

MSnets Managed Services works in partnership with you to setup and manage the service on your behalf.

That’s one less thing to worry about!

MSnet offers a number of professional services, solving your technical challenges, or just providing advice.

For when you need an extra helping hand.

What Our Customers Say

Essential Cybersecurity for Regulated Business

Cybersecurity is such an important consideration when you are a regulated business that handles a lot of sensitive client data. MSnet have delivered a great service and given us the confidence that we are doing everything we can to be robust against potential threats. MSnet's solutions are practical as well as technical as they cover human behaviour, not just the IT. MSnet respond quickly to our enquiries and are both patient and thorough, ensuring the solutions are correctly in place.
I am very happy to recommend MSnet.

Adrian Johnson - Partner - Permanent Wealth Partners

Critical Cybersecurity Training

During the Pandemic lockdown of 2021, MSnet provided the staff and partners at Paris Smith with tailored Cybersecurity Training, ensuring a high level of awareness and protection for both office based and remote workers. MSnet was easy to work with and helped to identify the key importance of targeted Cybersecurity training; identifying Key areas to emphasise, such as Social Engineering, Credential Compromises, Ransomware and other common tactics. The result was a series of very punchy one-hour sessions which were delivered live to our staff via Microsoft Teams. This Cybersecurity training left the staff with a much clearer understanding of the critical importance of the key messages; to protect the firm, themselves, and their families. The training received positive feedback and a high level of engagement across the firm.

Alan Cousins - Practice Director - Paris Smith LLP

MSnet the Technology partner you are looking for

As a 24x7 Global Logistics business built on exceptional service we have a strong reliance on IT. Working with MSnet, they really got to know our company and quickly identified a number of key areas where we could enhance our current IT strategy and IT budgetary performance. With Cyber Security a hot topic, MSnet’s range of services ensures businesses have the knowledge and tools required; from staff training, to ensuring critical business data is protected!
I would strongly recommend MSnet to any business looking to ensure their business is IT ready and Cybersecure.

Mark Jones - Managing Partner - Agile Global Logistics

Our IT needs are taken care of!

MSnet take the worry out of my IT, they allow me to concentrate on running my business! Service delivery and support is key, I know that if I have a problem I can speak to knowledgeable and real human beings, who can assist me and not leave me holding on the phone. My recommendation to business owners and decision makers -- do what you do best and leave your IT support to the experts. You will be more productive and less stressed.
MSnet is the answer to removing your technology stresses and frustrations.

Kevin Winstanley – Managing Director - Business Life Centres