Business Cyber Security

Protectioning your greatest assets, your Data and Users 

Business Cyber Security requires a Multi-layered approach, in the same way as your physical business premises; a lock on its doors, lockable windows, an alarm, CCTV, maybe even a safe. Each element providing specific security to a physical threat.

The same is true for your Business Cyber Security. A well thought out multi-layered approach is essential to protect your business from modern threats. 

Education, well documented processes and the right software tools are all required to ensure your business is given the correct level of protection.

What is a Multi-layered approach to Business Security?


Security Awareness Training
Phishing Simulations

Users are the last line of defence against Cyber attacks. 
On average 40% with no prior education will click on suspect link.

Instituting a security awareness training program will significantly reduce the risk of user-related exposures.

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Modern threats use multiple vectors to attack, from malicious email attachments
to infected web ads to phishing sites. Cybercriminals combine a range of threat
technologies, deployed in numerous stages to infect computers and networks.

Multi-vector Endpoint protection that secures end devices and users against ransomware, phishing and other cyber attacks.

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On Average 53% of users do not change their passwords after a data breach! Poor Credential Management is a serious Cyber Security risk.

Centralised Credential Management controls access at every level, from a secure Admin Console, with central deployment & management of users credentials.  

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E-mail threat protection is the first layer of defence for inbound Cyber security, with 92.4% of malware attacks coming into a business via E-mail, it is arguably the most important.

E-mail threat protection checks E-mails before they arrive at your business filtering out potential Malware and Spam.

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Hackers target unsuspecting victims with phishing and other social engineering tactics to get a foothold into your business network. Through these attacks, they trick users into installing malware, revealing sensitive information, paying false invoices and granting access to systems.

Internet Site Protection can block threats at the network level, stopping unsuspecting users from accidently falling for a scam.

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SMEs are increasingly targets for cyber criminals, Firewall Threat Management can offer effective, affordable cyber security to SMEs because we’re engaging cyber criminals at the point of attack: when they connect to your network.

All cyber attacks originate from, and are controlled from, a computer somewhere, and we leverage this immutable fact of the internet to protect your network, affordably.

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With around 65,000 attempts to hack small to medium-sized businesses in the UK every day & one successfully hacked every 19 seconds, Cyber Insurance is becoming a business necessity!

Cyber Insurance can provide businesses with Financial cover for Cyber Breach costs, Ransomware Extorsion, Cyber Business Interruption, PR & Reputation Recovery & Personal Data Privacy Protection.

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The Dark Web is the Wild West of the internet, It is unregulated and unlawful. Cybercrime is the number one business of the Dark Web. 

Dark Web Monitoring combines human and artificial intelligence 24/7, 365 days a year to identify stolen credentials and other personally identifiable information which could be used to compromise your business. Enabling you to take action before your business becomes a victim to Cybercrime.

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Who are MSnet?

MSnet was established to help businesses in the UK address the lack of knowledge and specialist services required in protecting themselves from the threat of Cybercriminals.

Our packages are designed to address your business needs, in an easy to understand service wrap.

Cybersecurity Services from MSnet

Having MSnet as a trusted Partner has resulted in a much clearer understanding of the critical importance of having a comprehensive and business wide anti-cybercrime strategy, with staff training awareness at its heart. In addition to Cybersecurity training, MSnet provide Paris Smith with its Credential Monitoring service, which monitors the Cybercriminal Dark Web for activity that is associated with the firm, such as stolen credentials being offered for sale. This monitoring service provides a crucial early warning alert allowing us to act and reduce the window of opportunity for any Cybercriminals activity linked to leaked credentials.

Alan Cousins - Practice Director - Paris Smith LLP