Firewall Threat Management

Automated Firewall threat monitoring, detection and blocking solution that connects to your business firewall.

Significantly reduces the risk of successful Ransomware, Malware, Data theft, or other types of Cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity built for SME business

Most Cybersecurity solutions have been built for big businesses. Often complex, costly and requiring specialist skills to install and maintain.

Dark Cubed Threat Management solution has been built from the ground up for SME business that focuses on identifying malicious IP addresses and blocking them automatically before they can secure a foothold on your network. 

Designed to be lightweight, affordable, autonomous, and easily deployed , it requires no in-house security expertise to operate. And, because it focuses on the root cause of all cyber attacks, Dark Cubed can materially reduce the risk of a successful breach of your network.

Dark Cubed evaluates every connection made to your network, and based on our automated, proprietary and patented technology, we score each connection based on the probability it’s the source of malicious activity.

Then we automatically block malicious connections.

Dark Cubed Threat Management solution is a “sensor” that records the IP address of every device connected to your network, or attempting to connect to your network, and then assigns that IP address a score based on the likelihood of its being a base for malicious activity.

Each connected IP is ranked on a scale from 1 to 9, with 1 being a legitimate IP address and a 9 highly likely to be the source of malicious traffic.

From there, Dark Cubed automatically blocks IP addresses based on the tolerance level set by the user and provides
the opportunity for a user to manually block other traffic or whitelist known IPs.

*subject to Supported Firewalls