Microsoft 365 Data Protection

Automated Backup of your Microsoft 365 business data 

There is a common misconception that your Microsoft 365 data is safe because it exists in the cloud, but this is not true…..

Did you know, Microsoft state in there Terms & Conditions that it is your responsibility to backup your Microsoft 365 data!

MSnet Microsoft 365 Data Protection service protects your Microsoft 365 data against accidental deletion, malicious deletion and ransomware attacks by automating 3x daily backups, capturing relevant changes across the entire Microsoft 365 platform. 

The service provides a centralised platform allowing granular restoration of data, ensuring your business data is always in your control.

Examples of Microsoft 365 Data loss

          • Accidental deletion by a user
          • Malicious deletion by a disgruntled employee or outside entity
          • Malware damage or ransomware attacks
          • Operational errors such as accidental data overwrites
          • Lost data due to cancelled app licenses

What data do I have in Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Outlook

E-mail is typically the lifeblood of any business and 85% of a company’s intellectual property flows through Outlook.

      • E-mails
      • Calendar Entries
      • Contacts
      • Tasks & Notes
      • Documents stored or attached within Outlook
One Drive

One Drive has become a great tool to centrally store documents and replace the dependency on a local machines, by removing the risk of failure or theft of that device.

      • Offices Documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) stored in One Drive
      • Other Documents stored in One Drive

Microsoft Teams has become such a critical tool for many businesses to discuss, share, and collaborate on projects. 

        • Shared Documents/Files
        • Team Chats
        • Team Calendar
        • Meeting Transcriptions

Microsoft Sharepoint versatility leads itself to may business functions, from document and file storage to internal collaborative workspace.

        • Sharepoint Sites
        • Sharepoint Libraries
MSnet Microsoft 365 Data Protection retention policy – Click here