User Credential Management

Re-using Passwords?

Rachel Tobac 3x times Social Engineering winner at DEF CON explains why this might be a bad idea, in the medium of a Sea Shanty.

Poor Credential Management is a serious Cyber Security risk

£2.75 million is the average cost of a data breach

6 months is the average time to detect a breach

53% of people don’t change a password after a known breach

More devices, applications, networks and users increase the complexity of managing and protecting user access in your business.

  • Passwords Create Risks
    80% of data breaches are caused by weak, reused, and stolen passwords. Ensuring your employees are using strong password hygiene is critical to reducing the risk of a data breach.
  • Remote Workforce
    Employees work form home, airports, coffee shops, or even the bus. How do you protect your organization against insecure networks?
  • Shadow IT
    77% of employee use 3rd party apps or devices without the approval or knowledge of the business.
  • Employee Retention
    50% of the workforce are millennials and more than half have already had 3+ jobs. Businesses need a method to ensure new employees have access to the applications that they need and employees leaving the organization do not leave with access.

User Credential Management

Enterprise Password Manager
  • A centralised password manager captures and stores all password credentials an employee uses, giving businesses control and visibility.
  • Leverage existing systems & automate group management through Active Directory Integration, LDAP, & custom APIs.
Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • SSO provides a single location for Employees to authenticate against, allowing access to cloud, mobile, legacy & on-premise apps. With SSO passwords are eliminated and access speeds up.
Team Password Sharing
  • Easily manage shared logins with customized permissions, inside & outside the office, without losing accountability
Compliance Reporting
  • Maintain accountability & compliance with automated, detailed reporting logs. Plus, see who may be putting the organization at risk
Configurable Security Policies
  • Set and enforce the standard for your company’s unique environment & security needs with over 80 configurable policies.
Universal Access
  • Work anywhere with real-time sync for desktop, laptop, mobile or web. Truly adaptable for BYOD & virtual employees.