Vulnerability Detection

Proactively identify security vulnerabilities allowing them to be address before they are exploited

Minimising your online risk exposure

Keeping up with the constantly developing threats facing your online infrastructure can be a daunting task, business growth and infrastructure changes means that new vulnerabilities can appear on a daily basis and must be quickly identified and addressed to avoid leaving critical data and assets exposed.

MSnet’s Monthly Vulnerability detection service proactively inspect your network and provide the insight and guidance needed to address security weaknesses.

Application & Infrastructure Scanning

Automate the discovery of security flaws within your websites, applications, network, and cloud infrastructure.

Respond to new threats

Monthly scanning ensures new vulnerabilities are discovered and exposures can be addressed quickly.

Simple Reporting

Results of each monthly scan are delivered as an E-mail report containing all found vulnerabilities, sorted by severity.

What is vulnerability detection?

Vulnerability detection/scanning should be a foundational part of a layered cybersecurity testing assurance program.

Vulnerability detection is the examination of computer networks to identify security weaknesses that can leave organisations exposed to cyber threats.

Vulnerability detection utilises highly specialised tools to search for exposures in computers, devices and applications by collecting information and comparing it to a database of known flaws.

Despite being an important tool for highlighting necessary improvements to cyber security, vulnerability scanners are also used by black hat hackers to identify ways to gain unauthorised access to networks.

Failing to proactively scan your environment and address vulnerabilities could present adversaries with the opportunity they need to conduct attacks.