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Are SMEs Targets for Cybercrime?

In 2021 half of cyberattacks reported worldwide were against businesses with less than 250 employees.
Attacks on big corporations may make the news, but cybercrime on small or medium sized enterprises can make or break a business.

Why are SMEs targeted?

  1. SMEs often do not have the skills or budget in place to protect themselves from cybercrime
  2. Without the correct training in place, Employees can be susceptible to Social Engineering tactics
  3. SMEs can be used as a proxy to target larger organisation, through joint infrastructure
  4. Often the actual SME business is not specifically targeted, but is more vulnerable to wide sweeping cyberattacks

What can SMEs do to minimise the risk?

Acknowledge Cybercrime is a risk

Firstly, to avoid the risk you need to acknowledge that there is a risk.

Multiple sources reiterate that small and medium sized businesses are increasingly at risk.

If you acknowledge this then you can take the steps needed to start to protect yourself.

Put together a Cybersecurity plan

Once you have defined that there is a risk, you can look to work out your cybersecurity strategy.

Identify and protect your Business Data

If you know what your most valuable data is you can ensure that it is protected – cybercriminals are specialists at learning where valuable data is stored and launching attacks which will allow them to access it.

Train your Employees

Your Employees are the first line of defence and training them gives them the knowledge and confidence to act accordingly.

Many cyberattacks rely on and target human error.

Training your staff to recognise an email that doesn’t look right or question data or access requests.

Staff also need to understand why being aware of the risks is so important and the consequences of a cyberattack on a business.

MSnet was founded with a passion to assist businesses from the threat of Cybercrime.

Our Mission is to empower businesses with the knowledge, Training and Services required in safeguarding them from Cybercriminal activity.

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